Monday 2 January 2012

Madly addictive app rolls and jumps onto iPod

We've told you: "Up for Points. Not Down!"

You've jumped you've doodled, sometimes you've done both
 together, but you haven't understood anything about app
addiction until you've tried:
Watch red ball JUMP!

Like many of the best iPhone games Roll.Ball.Jump is inherantly simple,but crazily addictive. This manic ball never stops moving and only your awesome finger swiping game playing reflex brilliance can keep it on the up and up. And that's the name of the game getting the high score as you progress ever upwards. Of course it doesn't help that the ball can't make up it's mind whether it wants to go fast or slow and it can't even decide on whether being a big ball or a small ball is in its best interests as it's constantly changing size!
That's why you have power-ups, to make getting that high score that little bit easier.
We're also excited about future upcoming game themes and what's promised to be a wildly enthusiastic following for the multiplayer.
Download Roll.Ball.Jump from the appstore and be prepared to spend the first month of 2012 in the game addiction clinic.

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