Tuesday 3 January 2012

Android app Fun with Physics and Hamsters

As computers and smartphones have got cleverer and faster new waves of games have become more widely available such as physics games. Physics video games and apps have been enormously popular in recent years, now combining furry Hamster Mayhem with some of the best physics we've seen on Android, comes Hamster:Attack
Android Physics Fun, with added Hamsters!

It's a given law of videogames that when you combine a cute, well animated and full of personality character with excellent gameplay that you're going to get a hit app! Filled with amusement and rats and chinchillas the levels are packed with humour and often unexpected twists as the physics defeat you yet again or a new and surprising solution presents itself to you, often by accident.
Hammy, the star of this physics ridden game fiesta is amusing and comical too with his guerilla headband. His slingshot is all that stands between his comrades and captivity , and in a savvy players hands some elegant solutions can present themselves as hilarious ways to explode things and free your brethren rodents become apparent.

Now published by the legendary mobile games studio Backflip Studios ,the original game has been revamped and improved with new levels and is well worth an afternoon or threes fun . Best of all this physics heavy puzzle app is accessible by all skill levels as it's not overly hard nor tedious to beat a level. To get the best puzzle solution however, is a different kind of Physics Hamster game altogether. A great free puzzle app on Android.

Download HAMSTER:ATTACK for free on the Android Market.
AND iPHONE PHYSICS lovers get ready as Hammy is coming soon to iTunes.

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