Sunday 22 January 2012

PPT 2: Sequel to hit iOS game ProPolice Training

Slick Shooting on iOS with Pro Police Trainer 2
Nice ,no nonsense press blurb describes PRO Police Training 2  with the words " Be the Sharpshooter on the Go" The original PPT on iOS was a massive hit and the sequel promises to be even more so. 

I'm sure that all police work doesn't just involve being a crackshot but this is what this tap shooting game is all about and it looks to be doing much the same as its predecessors but better. There are many different weapons and perks in Pro Police Training 2 and it promises to take on the best shooters on iOS like Contract Killer and Wild West Guns.
It's also a free to play game with weapon and perk unlocks via points or credits from the in app store. Different modes already add to the phenomenal 121 shoot 'em up levels , expect updates with Zombies and new weapons such as the Magnum and Glock 18c. Become the best sharpshooter on iPhone and work your way up from Rookie to Sheriff with ProPolice Trainer 2 now free on iTunes 

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