Friday 13 January 2012

Retro Shooter for iPhone-Space junk

It's awesome being an app reviewer as iPhone is attracting so many creatives looking to regain their past fame in a new era. Since beginning Gametrender I've interacted with the legendary Atari and Steve Jackson (of games Workshop Fame). 

Retro developers never die.They just reboot
Now bringing us some particularly luscious iPhone retro fun I've stumbled across the much lauded programmer responsible for the Alien Trilogy on Playstation One (follow the link for a free retro game download) and the artistic genius behind such nostalgic games as the awesome side scrolling shooter Silkworm and Swiv for the Amiga. (Swiv was a massively popular game in it's day, known for it's tight 2D scrolling shooter controls. The shoot-em up had a massive impact on the Commodore 64,Spectrum,Atari St and of course Amiga).
From the artist behind Swiv
Comes retro brilliant SPACEJUNK
Well like any comic book villain ,video game developers never become truly defeated . They retire to their lairs and emerge decades later, with new powers and talents and new allies. So the two evil geniuses(Greg Michael and Ned Langman) behind Swiv and Aliens Trilogy  have joined forces to create SpaceJunk
Can you spot Sputnik and the Hubble Telescope? These
Space artefacts are both there in this iPhone/iPad retro Shooter

And what a game this collaboration has produced! Space Junk plays with a smoothness and brilliance that harks back to the addictive dawn of gaming. The retro frame graphics in their neon gorgeousness are what Geometry Wars aspires to be when it grows up, moves out and gets some gainful employment. Coupled with some stunning backdrops the game is like a painting on iPad-age old elegance combined with bleeding edge tech.

The gameplay matches up with just the right amount of shooting and debris on screen to 'clean up'. Difficulty is just the right side of Bullet Hell on iOS. And if you want to ramp up the space shooter's difficulty remember you've got three difficulty settings  and 25 levels to get through.It's not just all 'fill the screen with bullets and pray' gameplay though as shot accuracy is measured (Space debris be warned there are multiple fearsome weapons!) and bonus rounds come into play at a later stage. Classic Sci-Fi on iPhone has never been this sweet and the latest addition of Survival Mode and Game Centre support puts this vector based space warfare retro-a-thon into the must buy bracket. 
iCade prepare yourself for Space Junk retro Shooter iPhone Bullet Hell Goodness!
Transform your iPhone retro game with iCade-The Devs are right now hard at work making even more updates for their brilliant Space Junk-iCade support is one of those future planned updates as SpaceJunk would be just perfect on this arcade console.We can't wait!

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