Wednesday 4 January 2012

Schools and Gaming : Student Game Reviews and how to become a young game journalist

Videogames more popular in school than Magic.
It's with great pride and nostalgia both for past gaming exploits and a previous life as a school teacher that I am very proud to present a videogame based collaboration with the sixth grade game loving pupils of Norris Gamers .

The phenomenally talented K. Hodgson has made this all popular with his inspired online work and classroom based exploits resulting in some of the best game coverage we've ever seen from such young ,talented pupils. As a teachers resource it has long been known that to inspire school pupils you need to appeal to their interests, and that's why when we noticed the superb classroom game review project that Norris Gamers  were incubating it was completely natural for the brotherly feelings I once had as an English Teacher to encourage the Game reviewer I now am to jump on this fun educational bandwagon. And so the idea was born to help these young reviewers get their work published.
Over the next few weeks Gametrender will be proud to establish a showcase for the pupils' work that will allow the game industry and educationalists to note that we have such a talented pool of youngsters both inspired and encouraged by the gaming industry.
Will this lead to top tier education governors making more of an effort to include game and app based learning in the classroom? Who can say?
But what we do know is that as you read these school pupils' game reviews you will be very shocked and inspired yourselves as to how passionate and literate they are about the topic. Enjoy and feel free to contact Gametrender if you have any game based sponsorship or app promos to encourage the young and budding journalists of Norris Gamers.
These amazing reviews will be placed under the label: REVIEWS FROM THE CLASSROOM

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