Saturday 25 February 2012

Blitz Android Malware with VIRUSfighter

Combat Android
Android Malware is here to stay. It's a sad fact that the open nature of the Android OS, which makes the platform so easy to develop for, also unfortunately is a gateway for shovellers of malware, viruses, spam, bloatware and myriad other programs that you just do not want on your phone. Android developers have begun to sit up and take notice so gradually the Android Market is getting its fair share of apps to combat this problem.

VIRUSfighter is one of the Android anti-virus apps that we have come across in the search to make our mobiles safer. Backed by the well known SPAMfighter name ,the app's parent company is very established and also has anti-virus software for PC's. What we especially like about this app is that due to the obvious significant professionalism of the developers you are really getting a quality app that stays ahead of the hackers of the Android World by updating several times a day, as and when new threats present themselves. Staying ahead of the anti-viral pack is a must in this dark art of keeping our phones malware free, and the fact that the app now also supports the Kindle Fire shows that the developer is not sitting back, but constantly improving their product.
VIRUSfighter for Android

Business users and IT departments will see the obvious advantage of having this powerful anti-malware app running on their comapny phones. Personal mobile users more concerned with everyday use will be pleased to  note that VIRUSfighter has been optimised for phones so that it presents no credible drain on battery life and is quick and easy to use. Some reports do say that the app slows down on MP4 and MP3 scans, but with constant updates this will probably not present a problem for long.

This is a free Android Anti-Virus app, and with the significant backing of what appears to be a very established parent company VIRUSfighter is at the moment my top choice for  Anti Virus, Malware protection of my Android running Xperia Play.

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