Saturday 25 February 2012

Android Phone now Essential Hunting Gear: Deer Call App

Deer Calling App
on Android
Hunters just a few decades ago swore by their deer callers. They never could have imagined how dramatically mobile app technology would change hunting. Then again when Steve Jobs and his ilk furthered the cause of mobile phone apps I bet they never thought to see such creative use of phone technology as people using their phone to make themselves better hunters!
I've got friends in the military , and every time some new bit of military weapon or kit comes out that makes their battlefield burden easier to bear they are quick to snap it up. For a hunter it must be quite similar, why be burdened down with different animal calls, all of which will add to the noise you make and make your prey more wary as you clunk up to a hide, if you can downsize and minimalise your hunting gear, and make hunting kills more quickly and efficiently. Best of all if someone invented a free hunter's aid it would be even better. And that's just what we're able to get hold of on the Android Market thanks to Laroche Ent. Claiming to make 'perfect deer calls every time' , the Free Field Caller -Deer Calls App, is now available for your Android phones.

Deer calls included in the deer caller app include : Doe bleat; Doe Estrus bleat; Buck Grunt; Buck Dominant Grunt; Tending Buck Grunt; Buck Snort;Bucks Fighting and Fawn Distress. The hunting call app comes programmed with large buttons to make it friendlier to use with your hunting gloves on and is claimed to be quick and easy to use. The only potential downside of the app is your phones limitations as some phones built-in  speakers might not have the necessary grunt to attract hunting prey from a distance.

As Free Field Caller-Deer Calls is at the bargain price of zero on the Android Market it should at least be considered for trial in the serious hunter's armoury, if not permanent inclusion. Technology really can make your hunting that much easier.

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