Friday 17 February 2012

Bullet Time HD : Twin stick shooter for iPhone and iPad

iPhone/iPad Twin Stick Shooter
Ever since Max Payne made bullet time famous so many games have incorporated it, some better than others. Bullet Time HD for iPhone and iPad is a mixed bag as unfortunately , at the moment , the iPad is unstable and seems to crash quite often. So at least for the iPad Bullet Time should be avoided for the moment. 
On the iPhone the twin stick shooter is a different concept altogether . As far as post-apocalyptic shooters on iPhone go this is one of the slicker examples we've seen. Expect the usual run of mutants; chests to loot and powered portals, and a whole lot more post apocalyptica for your phone. 
Graphics are pretty slick and host of unlockable extras, weapon and character upgrades and a tidy multi-player mode make Bullet Time HD worth a look for the iPhone version.

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