Saturday 18 February 2012

iPad Puzzle game only bound by your creativity: Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts: Creative Puzzle on iPad
Scribblenauts on iOS? I was aghast when I heard the news that the limitless puzzler was now on the iPad, as this was one of the games that when Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS  released that I was so frantic and eager to buy, because it was just such an amazing concept. I must admit though after I'd played it for a number of hours , the original game lost its lustre a bit due to level design and missions that weren't very challenging. After all why would I use a Jetpack or a Rocket or a Friendly Bat to reach a ledge if the same old and tired pair of wings would do the job every time.  Well now that Scribblenauts  Remix is on iPad ( I wonder if the iPhone 4S really has the processing power to handle what must be a very complicated game to program?) it remains to be seen whether the cartoony, create anything , only bound by your imagination game can still recreate that old videogame excitement on iPad.

Crazy Things to create and fight
in Scribblenauts Remix
However I must say that the Scribblenauts Remix on iPad is something very special. It just seems so much of a better fit on a large touchscreen , than the DS version ever was. The same concept is still there , and a toolbox unlimited by your imagination, but the game just seems so much fresher and the large and crisp screen and precise graphics just add to this.
I can without a doubt say that it is a masterful puzzle game and perhaps even one of the most liberating and exciting conceptual games on the iPad.
So let your imagination free and see what strange, twisted and fantastical puzzle solutions you can come up with.

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