Friday 17 February 2012

Call of Duty : Black Ops Zombies best iPhone FPS?

Best iPhone FPS ?
It's Call of Duty! And it's on iPhone! And it's got Zombies! A winning combination of the world's three most popular entertainment memes then (as to why Zombies have become so popular, who knows?!)

Unless you've been hid under a rock in Torah Bora for the last decade then you'll have at least heard of ,if not played Call of Duty. We're pleased to say that COD: Zombies on iPhone is as slick and mad fun as the Daddy version on consoles. The German Theatre level is where the Smartphone game starts off and all you have to do to unlock further COD: Black Ops Zombies levels is decimate a horde of undead and earn some coins by doing what ever FPS player does best, go mad with guns! And a good host of guns this game has too, you'll never be short of a fun and powerful weapon to whack the undead hordes.

Impressive retina display visuals are exactly what we'd expect from this premier shooter and slick controls match up to make the game very enjoyable. Add in online Co-Op iPhone FPS mayhem for up to four players and this deliciously gory Zombie shoot 'em up is a winner.

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