Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spiritual Successor to Ecco on iPad? Aquaria

Most gamers of a certain age remember the Mega Drive Classic Ecco the Dolphin quite fondly, retro game packs recently played don't really live up to the nostalgic memory though but luckily iPad has plenty of Ecco the Dolphin like games to make our fond memories live up to the reality of modern, slick touch screen gaming.
Ecco make way for Aquaria on iPad
Whilst not quite Ecco the Dolphin for iPad  you can see where Aquaria gets its aquatic inspiration from. Naija is a young amphibian girl who explores the ocean depths to find the mysterious origins of her race.Along the way, just for a laugh, she'll explore new worlds and give the gods themselves a good duffing up. Don't mess with aquatic girls! Was Ecco ever this bad ass!
The gameplay is quite good  as areas of the phone's screen can be tapped to make Naija swim in the desired direction. Various special magical undersea songs can unlock pathways , create shiels and even possess the local fauna.  
iPad users are in for a treat with Aquaria , it's a huge epic undersea adventure that's very well made, easy to play and with some very impressive underwater themed visuals. 

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