Thursday 2 February 2012

Cartoonise yourself App : Caricature Maker

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Go to any amusement arcade or local market and you can find machines or artists making a fortune from caricature portraits. And what better way to capture a fun moment or a holiday of a lifetime than by celebrating it with a cartoon photo of yourself? Well there are better options, get with the times people, in your pockets is the ultimate caricature making device, your iPhone. Even if you have not gone to art colleges, you can have fun with this.

Combined with a slick and easy to use camera your phone is possibly the best thing for photography since the invention of the SLR. Of course without a good photo app it's pretty much useless for this purpose. But here at Gametrender we think we've stumbled upon one of the funkiest caricature makers for your iOS powered device:              CARICATURE MAKER PRO

Now what we've seen time and time again with all the dozens of portrait apps, caricature apps and cartoon yourself apps is a distinct lack of personality. That's where Caricature Maker Pro really comes into itself with with its strongest and most unique feature being the ability to not only ,as expected, transform a picture from your photo album or a picture taken from within the app. But also tweak, transform and exaggerate the photo to give it a unique sense of personality and character. After all isn't that what the proper caricature artists working the Holiday Resorts do?

A few other unique features make this funny portrait app a must have: The ability to share your funny photos on Facebook and Twitter makes this an app that will bring hilarity to friends and family and another great feature that will definitely appeal to it's target market is the unique caricature store where we see this apps younger users, weaned on Stardolls app purchases and the like, going time and again to buy unique options and accessories for their caricatures.

A fun, easy to use iPhone caricature app that is given a bright future by a hoard of unique features.
Customise your caricature with hundreds of unique items and accessories.

Download: Caricature Maker Pro from the appstore.

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