Thursday 2 February 2012

Best password Apps for Droid

My Google account was hacked last week and I suppose it served me right. As a blog app reviewer and Android fan ,I'm registered in multiple game and app sites across the net. However because there are so many Android passwords to remember I've been very neglectful and up until recently have been using the same password for all the sites I'm on. So a deserved hacking for bad password maintenance but thankfully not too much damage done-they did however manage to get 8 Dollars from my Fivver account and shut down my app review site for a day. And that is why I've gone off in search of the best Password apps for your Android Phone.

Having a Smartphone is a great and handy thing, but because of the constant need to be doing either business or pleasure on the net you, like me will soon find that you have a multitude of Passwords to remember. First and most crucial of those of course being the actual password you use to sign in to Google and access the Android Market-you really don't want that secret password to be lost or stolen as apart from the hassle it could end up costing you a lot of money.
Each of these Password Apps for Android comes recommended and has a variety of features, please try them out and decide for yourself which of these Passwords is best for Droid:

Secrets -A Multiple Platform password app that works great on Android
SplashId-A great reputation for keeping sensitive information safe as it has been around for quite a while.
Keeper- Describes itself as a 'Data Vault', hopefully as safe as a bank vault too, try the free password app for Android before you buy.

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