Thursday 9 February 2012

Flurry for App Marketing: Which Developers use Flurry?

We've finally come to the end of our series of articles for app marketing. After looking at Fivver, Facebook ,Twitter advertising for apps and more we finally come to a dedicated service that many app developers swear by: Flurry.
Self described as a traffic acquisition and monetisation network for apps ,Flurry has worked with a series of high profile developers including , however the ad network remains notoriously tight lipped as to which Flurry developers are on board , the only name we could reliably find out is Word with Friends as one of the larger apps on Flurry.

Credential wise the mobile cross selling network is growing enormously in magnitude with latest figures revealing that more than 45,000 companies use Flurry with an excess of 80,000 apps supported by the Flurry Network.

So how does Flurry Work?
Firstly it must be stated that Flurry Analytics is amongst the best in the Smartphone industry even up to a point that many top industry sources rely on these mobile analytics to tally up the perennial question as to who is doing better: Android or iPhone.
As a publisher you of course will have access to these powerful app analysis tools.
Of course it's all about the money an here is where Flurry shines with a massive advertisment monetisation programme. Flurry App Circle  is one of the foremost sources for app advertisers and publishers to not only get their products know , but also to make substantial profits from high quality apps.

Even if you're not yet ready to be involved in the mass uptake of this app marketing phenomenon please be sure to have a look at Flurry's Blog which gives substantial app marketing advice. And when you are ready to take the plunge , into what is possibly the best app marketing available at the moment , then visit Flurry's Website.

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