Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wind-Up Knight Awesome Android Platformer optimised for Xperia Play

Windup Knight is one of the best games that we've played on Android in ages. As a free Xperia Play game it is absolutely addictive.

Sir Sprint is the hero of Windup Knight and he will both make you fall in love with the game and also tear your hair out in frustration. Many have likened this Xperia Play optimised Android game (now also on iOS) to the Smartphone equivalent of Demon Souls. Yes, it is that hard , but also that devilishly addictive.

As a mixture of endless runner, platformer and adventure game Windup Knight works really well. He's windup of course so once he's wound will keep on going until his clockwork runs down. Keep Sir Sprint moving by picking up clockwork keys and coins to buy various powerups to make your gaming easier. Numerous obstacles impede you and must be negotiated with precision. Earlier levels see different playing mechanics being introduced, simple platform jumps soon make way for spikes to avoid, cockatrices to slay with initially a wooden sword and later better Windup Knight Powerups. Soon combine enemies to slay, keys to collect,coins to grab, precise jumps to make and platforms to roll under and you have a seriously difficult smartphone platformer on your hands.

Luckily the control scheme is flawless with only two buttons to worry about, all the rest is timing. So contextual pushes will see your knight either rolling under decapitating spiked barriers or jumping for his life. The other button should see some nifty sword slaying or shield work. Movement is automatic which means your character will be endlessly running (at least until his clockwork runs down) so your simple ,but well timed, button presses are what keeps him going. Windup Knight is a joy to play on the Xperia Play as the simple controls translate so well to the Xperia Play's Joypad.

Initial levels are free in Windup Knight and later levels (books) can be purchased with notes. These notes can be earned by some very adroit and skilled play or from in app purchases. I would like to think that I can earn the later levels of Windup Knight by skilled play , one thing is for sure though, and that is whether the notes in this app are earned or bought this platformer is defintely one to waste your time one. The clocks ticking so download now:
Windup Knight on Android
Windup Knight on iTunes
Robot Invader's- the creators of Windup Knight-blog- a great source of Windup Knight tips; tricks and purchase advice. Also a brilliant resource for potential Smartphone Game Developers.

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