Monday 6 February 2012

How we use our Tablets-iPad and Android in the real World

How we use our Tablets-especially common iPad Use

Tablets like the iconic iPad 2 (iPad Three on the horizon) and Android equivalents are big business and swiftly overtaking Laptops and Desktops as the people's choice. I found this superb infographic for Tablet usage on LinkedIn and just had to share it on Gametrender. Find the original article for iPad use here.

Staples is the company responsible for this marvellous tablet infographic which gives us some interesting insight into what makes a popular user friendly Tablet. Of particular note is the fact that book reading on tablets is swiftly eclipsing traditional paperback use. Of course the tablet use infographic when it was published did not have enough information on how the new Amazon Fire has changed the tablet landscape. As things stand the quoted figure of 10 inches being the most popular tablet size of course holds true-for now-as it is of course the regulatory size for the iPad. However the  sub-200 Dollar tablet market has definitely been blown wide open by the rise of the Amazon Fire. Will a 7 inch tablet become the de-facto size in the future? 
Nevertheless as a quick snapshot of the state of play in the tablet world this Staple's infographic can't be faulted. Which tablet demographic do you fit into, do you disagree with any of the tablet research findings published above? Feel free to add your comments.

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