Tuesday 7 February 2012

Best Wii Tank Game? Review from the Classroom

Wii Play: Tank

This is a real WW II Tank not a Wii tank!
           This game is played on the Wii.  The game’s controls, using the remote, are very affective.  But you have to be careful to keep your remote facing the TV. Otherwise it might not pick up the signal.  I love the sound effects because they are loud enough to be heard, but soft enough so that the player will not be distracted.  The sounds are appropriate for all ages as it is rated E for everyone. 
Best Wii Play Tanks Level?
The bombs boom, the shouts sound like gunfire, and the trumpets sound like real trumpets. The graphics are very becoming. It is cool to watch the bombs explode, the bullets ricochet and all from the astounding overhead view!  The encouraging thing about this game is that it makes you feel good about yourself, no matter what. 

 The levels are so quick that you almost always win one!  Also, if you choose to, you can play two player, and compete against the other player over who shots the most tanks.  I give this game a ten out of ten for it’s outstanding qualities.
By Emma T.

Link to Game: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/4SpUUl3-7XKbSPJqBG_aHrThj_sGyJHL
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