Friday 24 February 2012

iPad Kids Interactive book brings the Magic back into Reading

A Brave and Bold art style
perfectly suited to the Storybooks
target age group
An iPad is made to amaze and astound, kids love the tactile nature and the play contained in the iPad, but kids also love stories and other types of old fashioned fun. So naturally by combining stories and games our kids should get the most out of their touchscreen interactions. Many developers have taken this on with interactive books which are dull and lifeless, or worse,just cheap imitations of classic stories. Urki ,beyond the Forest. Is not one of these.
Rather Urki is what every story strives to be , original, inventive and fun. The characters really come alive on Ipad with pop up characters making the kids laugh in delight. Every good story has a twist in the tale and Urki, Beyond the Forest has its own clever twist with the child being able to choose their own storyline halfway through.

Kids fascinated with Magic andAdventure
will love Urki
A maze game that is just perfect for the iPad's large screen adds to the fun of the game. Developers Pixel Moon have really excelled in bringing some beautiful illustrations to iPad. The art style is very unique and really adds to the ambience of the story book app. Interactivity is carried out very well and not overdone, bringing an altogether classy touch to the app.
A story-book app for kids 7 and above, with a large chunk of fun and delightful reading to get through.With all it's clever touches Urki will delight kids for hours.
A great way to get a child who is interested in magic and adventure to enjoy reading.
Find Urki, Beyond the Forest Here

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