Thursday 23 February 2012

Tiny Tower Hints,Tips and Secrets Guide

Tallest Tiny Tower ever? We doubt it, but can
you do better?
A Tiny Tower guide is indespensable for making the most of your gaming time. Since I've downloaded Tiny Tower on my iPod (TT is also available for iPhone, iPad and now Android) it is taking up far too much of my app reviewing time so I went scouring the net to find the best Tiny Tower advice to share with you in this guide and also so I can get some of my own precious time back and maximise my bux purchases and add to my game tower in the cheapest possible way!

Tiny Tower is a freemium game, it's completely possible to play without paying a cent so really you could say it is the niche of being one of the most addictive free apps. You can speed up gameplay with the premium feature to buy  currency (Tower Bux). Tower Bux can purchase residents for your tower, speed up virtual shop restocking and even be used to exchange for in game cash. If you don't want to be part of the Freemium game money cycle then Read the following guide for some useful tips to make your Tiny Tower Building easier.

Tiny Tower – Basic Guide

Basic TT gameplay:
Tower Bux
The local game currency . Players can construct new floors instantly, upgrade elevators (essential when your tower gets too big) or spend it on a Bitizen. Normal pay awards Bux for achievements and minor tasks. Help to find a Bitizen when a guest comes calling gets you a bux, expand your tower , fully stock a Tiny Tower shop. All of these get you Tower Bux.
If you want it fast bux, you can buy bux and spend them to speed things up. But if you choose the regular way, you will always have something to do in the game.
Bitizens are your tower workers who literally do every task for you . They stock shops, pay you rent once a day, ten cash per Bitizen paid at midnight, give you special tasks to earn buxand add some personality to your tower. You
can adjust each Bitizen to any floor you want. But they have certain specialties and preferences and a Bitizen who wants to work in a florist might not be happy having a Tiny Tower dream Job of a Cake Shop Assistant.In general, the more Bitizens you have, the faster your tower will expand. Bitizens working at their preferred places will work more efficiently and you in return will get a small bonus clever management as shops will stock quicker at a discounted rate. You can also the Bitbook which is a sort of Tiny Tower Facebook for the workers which can provide you some useful hints.
You start the game with a single floor and then build it according to the instructions. It’s a tower of course so your task is not only to add more floors above but also organize them so you know where your retail and residential floors are.
Each floor can stock up to 3 items and each stock has a different timer but once it sells out, it’s your task to let the Bitizens know so that they can order more. The first item is the cheapest and the third Tower shop item is the premium app item but will take the longest to stock.
When they are restocked, you can again place them for sale. It’s easy to supervise a  few floors but once your tower has more than 25 or so floors, you need to be good at organizing your tower to keep it growing.
A bit of real life advice about being a good Bitizen landlord is to turn off the notifications, as with a larger tower you'll find yourself constantly beset by bleeping notifications for restocks and sell outs etc. almost constantly! 
The first elevator upgrade cost 25 bux if I remember right and on the first few game hours I saw no need to expand. However once your app has been played for more than a few hours you'll find an upgrade necesarry as the initial TT elevator is far too slow. Also by giving random Bitizens elevator rides you can earn some in app cash (multiply the destination floor by two to see how much you will get).
Tiny Tower VIP's
Make sure that you use the  VIPs properly which can make a big difference in your production. The ones I've encountered are
  1. Construction Bitizen VIP-takes 3 hours off floor construction time
  2. Delivery Bitizen-3 hours off Shop Restock
  3. Estate Agent Bitizen- Rents out all Tiny Tower residences on the floor of your choosing
  4. Big Spender Bitizen-Buys out all of one shops stock of a chosen item
  5. Celebrity Bitizen-Increase Custom to a shop of your choosing

Tiny Tower General Advice and Tips

Following are some tips that can help you to expand your tower more quickly.
  • In general, the more Bitizens you have, the more products you will make and  sell at once.
  • Bitizens don’t move on their own so you need to make the moves.
  •  The experience level of the Bitizen will tell you how much discount you will get or restocking products.
  • Fully stock a floor before quitting a TT session-things still sell while you're away.
  • Don’t be hasty and spend any cash you get early in the game rather stock upto 50 bux and then trade it for 100,00 gold.
  • Choose the right Bitizen for the right Tiny Tower Job.

Good luck and remember it's just an app not an obsession!


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