Tuesday 14 February 2012

Massive shopping discounts with Free Iphone and Android App Voucher App

A few months ago in the run up to the Christmas Sales we featured a phenomenally useful app for Apple Devices and Android : The Coupon App. As far as shopping apps go we found this app to be one of the most useful and convenient discount apps around. We're featuring the app again as our wallets are drained from the January sales and Valentine's day spending and would just like to show those who missed out on the first time around what a fantastic shopping app that The Coupon App is. We'd also like to get word out as to what a fantastic opportunity this app is for retailers and business to get their goods and services in the hands of customers.

Since it's featuring in a previous Gametrender article the Coupon App ,due to it's massive support amongst businesses, has been enjoying unprecedented fame for a shopping app. For a multi platform sales app to be amongst the top 15 apps on the Android Market and one of the top 50 Lifestyle Apps on iTunes is a fantastic achievement. But when you consider that you can use the app to access discount vouchers for restaurants, favourite stores and much more. and all from a free app, than it's no surprise that it has become so popular. Gone are the days when you need to fish through a wallet containing crumpled vouchers taken from the backs of newspapers to get a few dollars or pounds off of  goods. Now by simply having a voucher on your phone you can get that money off, as well as having a constant and relevant updated stream of vouchers of your choosing delivered to your phone. Barcode scanners and navigation to the shops with discounts are also some of the brilliant shopping features on this app. Who wouldn't want to save a few bucks with your phone by even downloading vouchers while standing in line to pay!

On the other side of the coin The Voucher App has become so popular as merchants and retailers have loved its ability to make their goods and services popular. As a retailer the ability to advertise your deals and discounts instantly to all interested customers in a chosen area is a very powerful marketing tool indeed.

So if you're a bargain hungry app user or a retailer looking to get your bargains advertised on iPhone and Android, than make that small effort to download The Coupon App , a free app that's guaranteed to either save you money or make you money is a winning app for everyone!
for businessess wanting to advertise their deals and sales with the coupon app , go to this merchant link.

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