Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Red Riding Hood Story for iPad : Beware very dark and Gothic!

Dark and Gothic Story for iPad: A Red Riding Hood Tale
Alice:Madness Returns came from the fevered mind of American McGee who now makes his mark on iPad with the lengthily titled : American McGee presents Akaniero: A Red Riding Hood Tale. This strange re-imagining for iPad twists the traditional story of the eponymous Hood and makes it into what else but a feudal Japanese Tale for your iPad!
The developer Spicy Pony has always been known for its clear and vivid visual style and this retina display marvel is no exception with a very Gothic/ watery ink art style provided by the celebrated artist Joey Zeng. The gothic style app is a highly interactive picture book with dark fairy tale music and some diverting games. While not one for the kids it's not as bloodthirsty as you might imagine and makes for some quirky iPad diversionary fun. Definitely an iPad app to consider if you like American McGee's work

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