Friday 10 February 2012

Military Regs App now on iPhone and iPad

Military Regs on iPhone
Lt Josh Patterson, a Field Artillery Specialist with vision, has tried to meld Army Regs with iPhone technology.
As I have access to a lot of friends in the military I thought I would run the idea by them of why a Military Regs app would be a good idea and if they would use it.

The answer is a definite " Yes Sir, Lt. Patterson, Sir! " The military is probably an organisation more hamstrung by redtape and regulations than any other similar corporate body. The Army; Navy; AirForce and Marines are constantly in the public eye and not only have to keep the peace and engage in war-fighting but also have to do so within Governments' budgets and conforming to articles such as the Geneva Convention and the Law of Armed Conflict. So whilst Army Regs aren't the sexiest part of Military Life by any means they are a vital necessity to ensure that military goals are achieved in the right and safe manner.

Now the problem with Military Regs is that they are large and unwieldy documents, so while an Artillery Piece Operator might need to consult the regs to work out whether a target could be safely engaged and limit collateral damage whilst also ensuring that the correct safety procedures were followed. It is also naive to assume that the field operative has the time and leisure to consult his regs while in an enemy contact situation. Lt. Patterson believes that his military app is worthwhile if it saves one life. It's laid out in such a way that Military Regs according to their speciality field can be easily accessed and downloaded to the soldiers phone. By alphabetising the military handbooks and including a useful search function these regs can be quickly accessed. Will this save lives?
YES, if that Artillery operative can fire his weapon more quickly and safely than before thanks to these handbooks being on his iPhone than he is a more efficient and safer soldier thanks to this app.

My Army buddies like the idea of this app and think that it could be a winner. However one problem that it presents is not  Lt Patterson's fault and that is the fact, as the soldiers point out, many of them are fighting in Afghanistan at the moment and while an app like this would be of immense value the soldiers are unfortunately not allowed to use mobile phones for operational security reasons. Thankfully the fact that the military handbook app is also available on iPod circumvents this operational exclusion somewhat. It is very useful that the military app is on Ipad too as many soldiers do carry these for entertainment purposes.

So all in all a great idea for an app to benefit our armed forces. On home soil and with full access to their phones soldiers will get great benefit from the US Military Regulations App.
So a big thank you to Lt. Patterson and on behalf of my Army buddys: " Please make a British Armed Forces Regs app now Sir!"
Many thanks to MEDLMOBILE , the app incubator who made this armed forces app possible.
Download US Military Regulations App from the App Store

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