Tuesday 21 February 2012

Simple but more-ish Android Puzzle Game :Connector

Connector puzzlegame on Android
When I first came across " Connector" I was quite daunted, not really knowing precisely how the puzzle app actually worked. After a few minutes of toying with the game it all became clear and the simple premise proved to be a nice little time waster on my Android phone. Connector is a simple puzzle game in which your goal is to connect all the blocks of the same colour. Controls are limited to rotate, select and swap. All nice simple one button controls that don't detract from the gameplay allowing you to keep your brain in gear and get on with the business of solving the puzzle level.

Puzzle game with multiple difficulty levels

Connector is a collaboration between Horama Apps and an unnamed musician and artist. The music is quite catchy and adds to the game, but even though the app icons are well drawn and colourful I feel that a bit more could have been done witht he game graphics as the black backgrounds are quite a minimalistic look. However I have only played Connector Lite and the paid version does promise a 'New connector look' . Swamped as I am by so many app reviews if I did have the time to play apps more I might be tempted to buy the full version as it has a host of new features including hard and insane difficulty levels, is ad-free and also has 320 puzzle levels. That's a lot of puzzling. Of course I'm also tempted to see the full version to see if the artists skill make the 'New Connector Look' a more gaudy style. However , that's a personal preference as the graphical style as it is serves its purpose of not distracting you from a simple but addictive puzzle game with a lot of longevity. We look forward to what Horama Apps can come up with yet after their Android Market Debut.

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