Tuesday 21 February 2012

Google and Android Malware increases: How should we combat Android Malware

Call Now: 888-444-2059 A few months ago my Google account was hacked and until I sorted out the problem I lived in fear that the hackers would take my details and either charge huge amounts on money on Premium Apps on the Android market or get access to my credit card details that I use to buy all my apps for my Xperia Play. Thankfully I headed the hackers off at the past and my bank balance stayed healthy. This got me to thinking of some of the best ways to combat Phone Hackers andpurveyors of Android malware. Recent months have seen a massive increase in Android Malware , in part due to Google's easy entry requirements for developers to get their apps and game on to the market. Unfortunately for every legitimate Android Developer there are always the crooks looking to fill your phone with premium rate texts, bloatware and worse. The Smartphone industry is well aware of this and the big names in computer security are now turning to the realm of Mobile Security with the likes of McAfee putting feelers out to the Android Market. Unfortunately Mobile Security is becoming another big niche industry, which is why we've scoured the net to find education programmes that will give students aheads up for an industry that, like it or not , will continue to grow in the next few years. Brookline College, who I have mentioned above in this artcile offer a fantastic residential programme in Criminal Justice and Cyber Security. A good place to start for those wanting to get in on the mobile phone security business while the industry is still young.

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