Tuesday 13 March 2012

Apps to find local car dealers :iDealer

iDealer: App for finding the best local car dealers
With so many businesses competing in the vicious post credit crunch economy many are turning to Iphone and Android Apps to get that competitive edge. AutoDealer apps in particular are proving a valuable resource for those in the market for a new car and for established car dealers to get word of their business out and foster better customer relations. 

One of the more canny app developers, iApps24 is using their app know how to bridge the gap between car dealer customers and the auto traders themselves with a great app idea that can put local car dealers in the spotlight.

Aimed primarily at the auto dealerships themselves, the iDealer app is proving a major resource for car salesman. As people have moved away from traditional and costly advertising methods , so unique Smartphone based ways of advertising such as a business having their own unique self branded app have come to the fore. iDealer is one of the up and coming auto dealer apps in the USA and comes with a host of features to engage customers looking for a new car and keep good relations with customers of old.

Customers will love the fact that they can communicate directly with their car salesman and use the app to download their vehicle's manual and keep track of when their car's service is due.

The garages who invest in the app will have an established presence for their company on Itunes or the new Google Play market and will have a self branded app with their own logo ,graphics and information.

If you're a car dealer looking to brand and advertise via Android or Iphone apps, then have a look at iDealers Website to see how to obtain the app that will transform your business profile .

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