Monday 12 March 2012

Boy Loves Girl- Updated Game of Love

Who is the world's greatest lover? Now you can answer that question with the new update to the popular lovers (of adventure/platform games!) app : Boy Meets Girl. 

Who is the world's greatest Lover?
Find out in the new Boy Meets Girl Update
We covered the first iteration of the fun iphone adventure game a while back. Grubby Hands the studio behind the slick game has not sat still and has released not only a Valentine's Day themed update , but a new tweaked version of the game that allows you to listen to your own tunes while playing, speeds up the app to a silky smooth 60FPS and to answer that ever so sexy question, " Who is the World's greatest lover?" now includes a global leaderboard that will rank you on smiles collected and encourage you to explore the amazing world of Boy Loves Girl, where competing for a girl's passion, carrying the Moon on a string and dodging Rocket Clouds is just the start of this adventure game's wackiness!

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