Saturday 10 March 2012

Best Apps for Cheap Gas Prices

Worldwide the price of gas , diesel and petrol has rocketed. Luckily there are Android  apps available to help you find the cheapest gas stations around.

GAS BUDDY-FIND CHEAP GAS is one of those apps we've sourced that will reduce your fuel bill. Unfortunately only available in the USA and Canada at the moment. The app is simple in its approach and good at what it does. Using recommendations from crow sourcing the app will find the cheapest petrol stations. So instead of paying a fortune to top up your car's fuel, this app could save you hundreds of dollars.

With one simple click you can find gas (petrol) stations around you and see what price they're charging. Don't let overcharged MotorWay Services rip you off with their overinflated fuel prices, just use GAS BUDDY!

The app works with a good sense of community. No-one wants to pay over the odds to fill up their car. So if you come across a cheap gas station, simply log in to the fuel saver app and you can add it to their network. With hundreds of users using this fuel price app you can expect a large proportion of cheap gas stations to be listed. 

So join the fuel revolution and help find cheap petrol prices with this app. Of course it's not just altruistic crowd sourcing as the app developers give away vouchers every week for the fuel saver app users. Every cheap gas station you report earns you points towards this Android prize give away. In these expensive times every saving helps, so join the cheap gas community today by downloading

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