Friday 9 March 2012

Best Free Ipad Apps according to Apple

Apple recently released links for the best Ipad Apps on the market. They were quick to take down the article, perhaps as the top free Ipad apps were taking thunder away from other app downloads. If you're lucky enough to be an Ipad owner and want to find the best apps for free , then here is what Apple themselves recommend:

Best Ipad (Ipad HD ?) Apps for free -list from Apple

25 All-Time Top Free iPad Apps

Three entries from Angry birds which is guaranteed to look lush on the Ipad 3. Personally I've always been a fan of the weather graphics from the Weather Channel-something very therapeutic about looking at stormy weather from the comfort of a warm and dry amrchair! Again the Weather Channel on Ipad HD is something to look forward to with the new Ipad's near retina display graphics. And of course the bright colorful graphics of Fruit Ninja on Ipad HD will be something worth savouring. Of note though is that the official free app list from Apple is very America-centric with apps from CNN and NYTimes scoring highly. It would be nice if Apple had a more global top 25 free app list.

Of course none of these free apps are optimised for Ipad HD yet but are certainly, according to Apple at least, worth downloading whichever version of Ipad you have.

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