Wednesday 14 March 2012

Classic Iphone Adventure Game with an Egyptian Twist: Damian Filigree :The Book of Thoth

Who needs Indiana Jones on iOS when
you  have Damian Filigree!
Indiana Jones hasn't yet made his mark on Iphone, and a good thing too as Damian Filigree would certainly put Indy to shame. The star of the Iphone/Ipad adventure "Damian Filigree: The Book of Thoth" Despite others misadventures in Egypt Damian has decided to make his life as an Iphone adventurer/tomb raider and grave robber!

Classic Puzzle Adventure with an Egyptian Twist
Harking back to classic adventure games of yesteryear, The Book of Thoth adds whimsical touchscreen finesse and a great deal of well thought out puzzling to the adventure game genre. Playing out as a puzzle adventure game your task is guide the notorious explorer through the deepest chambers of the pyramid to recover the legendary treasure.

Of course along the way there'll be numerous traps and pitfalls to overcome, and of course a mummy hot on your heels. The game has strong adventure overtones but plays out as an Egyptian themed puzzler too , with Damian's progress hampered or enhanced by chaining groups of hieroglyphics together. All of which help you progress and occasionally throw you helpful bonus items your way.

If you're in any way a fan of adventure games, Egyptian themed games, old school gaming or puzzle gaming then the slick presentation and charm of "Damian Filigree: The Book of Thoth"  will tweak all your right gamer buttons.

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