Thursday 15 March 2012

Simple but fun Puzzle Game on Itunes

Traditional Slide Puzzle for iPhone and Ipad
There was a time in the past when slide puzzles were a lot of fun, even now most people when they pick up a slide puzzle will spend a few frivolous minutes playing to crack the code just for the heck of it. Now that touch gaming is firmly established in our gaming repertoire if you fancy a quick blast at a puzzle for nostalgias sake, or simply because you like puzzling, then thanks to our Smartphones we have an almost endless supply of these nifty time waster apps.

Puzzle Meltdown Series II is one of the better puzzlers on Ios that we've come across. It's a traditional slide puzzle for Ipad, Ipod Touch and Iphone and features ten puzzles per game session. The puzzle app comes with  the handy feature of being able to choose a puzzle skill level and time limit or just have limitless time to complete your Iphone puzzle at your leisure. A nice front end with user friendly graphics and a nice selection of Ios optimised slide puzzles complete the package.

Definitely give Puzzle Meltdown Series II a look if your'e in the mood for old school traditional slide puzzle fun on your smartphone.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Since this year, we have renamed the game to Puzzle Meltdown Free and have given it a fresh new eye-pleasing appearance.

    The great game play mentioned above has been retained for your enjoyment.

    Improvements made are:
    - Sound Effects, and
    - Professional Photographs making up the puzzle pieces.


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