Sunday 18 March 2012

Dynamo Kid 4 Hints and Tips

Dynamo Kid is another great retro style Android platform game from renowned dev's Orange Pixel. Like all of their retro style games Dynamo Kid is a hard beast to master so here's some tips to help you along:
Hints and Tips for Android platformer Dynamo Kid 4
Basic Gameplay
1. Not all of the stars in this platformer are worth the same. Floating stars are more valuable then their ground dwelling stellar brethren. So choose your route wisely when star collecting.
2.Dynamo Kid has some great facial animation for a pixel art game, his awesome facial expressions can warn you when danger is near.
3. You can easily take out an enemy walker by using your fingers, but more rewards are in store if you can time Dynamo Kid's jumps to land on top of the beasties for higher points.
Hidden Items in Dynamo Kid 4
1. You can unlock new levels in Dynamo Kid 4 by finding the mysterious hidden stars, transparent at first so they need to be coloured in, touch them and they fall from the sky ready for you to pick up, collect three to unlock new levels.
2. Those walking enemies are just full of hidden points, as they fall to their deaths after being just a first time keep on tapping them for mega points! (works up to 3 times)
Orange Pixel are known for their retro style hard as nails pixel art games on Android. Dynamo Kid is one of my favourites at the moment, the gameplay is slick and snappy with great music and pixel art graphics. It's an especial favourite for me as it's one of the simpler and more addictive games opitimised for the Xperia Play Phone. Combined with the slide out controls of the Xperia Play , Dynamo Kid 4 becomes not a test of your patience against touch screen finickiness but a great test of your gaming skills. Recommended on Android definitely, but highly recommended as a great Xperia Play platform game especially. So as far as Dynamo Kid 4 hints and tips go I suppose the best tip is try it on an Xperia Play!

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