Sunday 18 March 2012

Cut the Rope Achievements

Cut the Rope is a cheeky enough game to play without trying to get all the achievements! But if you really want to help OM NOM to all his candy fuelled CtR app achievements then here is what you have in store for you.

Guide to Cut the Rope Achievements
Most achievements in the iOS game involve collecting stars, cutting a certain amount of ropes at once (that requires some dexterity on your iPhone's small screen!) , outwitting spiders etc. , here's the list and some notes on how to get some of Om Nom's Achievements.
These are the tasks the candy loving rascal needs to complete

  • Bronze Scissors - Get 50 stars
  • Silver Scissors - Collect 150 stars
  • Golden Scissors - Collect 300 stars
  • Rope Cutter - Cut 100 ropes
  • (Cut the )Rope Cutter Maniac - Cut 800 ropes
  • Quick Finger - Cut 3 ropes at once
  • Master finger Cut the Ropre Achievement- Cut 5 ropes at once . Hard to do but here's a little app tip for you: Try this on Level 1-7. There are six ropes. Swipe across the iPhone with three of your fingers at the same time and you will be able to cut five of the ropes for the Achievement
  • Bubble Popper - Pop 50 bubbles
  • Spider Buster Cut the Rope Achievement - Outsmart 40 spiders
  • Weight Loser - Make Om Nom go hungry by Losing the Cut the Rope candy 50 times
  • Cardbord Box Completed - Complete the Carboard Box level in Cut the Rope
  • Fabric Box Completed - Complete the Fabric Box
  • Foil Box Completed - Complete the Foil Box
  • Gift Box Completed - Complete the Gift Box
Easter Eggs in Cut the Rope
There's lots of hidden extras in this great iphone puzzler, that's one reason it's so addictive. Here are the Cut the Rope Level with Hidden Drawings:
 Tap a peeling bit of the game's background to unlock the hidden Cut the Rope drawings. Here are the levels with these types of peeling drawings in them.
  • 1-16
  • 2-18
  • 3-3
  • 3-20
  • 4-14
  • 5-1
  • 5-15
  • 6-7
  • 7-3
  • 7-21
  • 8-17
  • 9-21
How to help Om Nom get the "Tummy Tester Achievement"

Tummy Tester Achievement

Get Om Nom to open his mouth 10 times in a row. Choose Level 1, of the Cardboard Box and select level 4 of the Cardboard box. These are the ropes to cut : Top, Left and Bottom rope at the same time, this will leave only the right rope. As the candy begins to dangle and swing on by OmNom will do what he does best!
Tired of eating Candy? Change it into a doughnut or cupcake!
Our little green and ever hungry friend must tire of eating candy sometime so give him a treat by turning the game's candy into a doughnut or cupcake!:
On the menu screen tap the candy once to make it transform magically into a doughnut, twice to turn into a delicious cupcake and three times to  turn back into boring old candy.This Cut the Rope trick cheat can only be accessed if you have the latest version of the game.

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