Sunday 4 March 2012

Free Ipad App: Small ABC-improve preschool learning

For a Limited Time Free iPad Educational App
The Ipad is quickly becoming the quintessential learning tool for children and adults. To find a good  free Ipad app is a rare event given the costs involved in developing for the platform. To find a no cost app with good learning value, sound programming and an attractive user interface that will help your child to learn is an even rarer event!

For a limited time Small abc: Fun Learning Alphabet for Toddlers and Pre-school is free on iPad. The app is designed with the powerful skills of an educational consultant and it shows with the clever design and realistic learning aims for your child. The app is split into a " Read and Write" section; "Activities" and "Song " section. All cleverly intermeshed with attractive graphics and clever ways of getting your child involved such as the app's 'Drag and Drop' activity that strengthens picture and word association. 

Many fine motor skills are encouraged such as tracing on the app with the use of crayons and simple word and letter recognition. The kids's educational app is a very holistic package that will use the Ipad's interactivity to better prepare your preschooler for education and help your little one to learn and develop.

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