Sunday 4 March 2012

Spy Mouse HD :Tips and Guide for finding secrets

Spy Mouse HD Hints and Tips
Spy Mouse is one of those games needing a guide to get the most out of it,as it is filled with secrets and you're going to need some tips to make you the best spy mouse.

SpyMouse Guide for getting high scores and finding Spy mouse secrets

App Tip One

Cats are the enemy in this app , but thankfully these aren't the cleverest examples of the feline world. Cats will charge you to try to catch you, if you hug the wall they'll knock themselves out on it when they miss you.

App Tip Two

Look carefully at the cats
path in Spy Mouse ,before you make your move

Just like in all the great stealth 'em ups like Metal Gear Solid ,the key to success in Spy Mouse HD is watching and observing your enemies and their behaviour. Be patient and watch the cats' paths, judge your openings one by one until it's time to make your move.

App Tip Three
Don't get weighed down unnecessarily . Cheese is what you want to get in this stealth app but if you're not certain it's best to leave it behind between safe points as it will slow you down.

App Tip Four
To find bonus areas in Spy Mouse or even completely new world stages look for cracks in the walls which often hide the apps secrets.

App Tip Five
Speed-up chilli peppers and light weight balloons can make the game easier , but consider when you actually need to use them.

App Tip Six
Agent Squeak is the master of stealth but also the master of finding new and hidden spy mouse paths that will lead to new stages and bonuses. Drag Agent Squeak away from the set paths to find these in app secrets.

App Tip Seven
The key to getting high scores in Spy Mouse HD is to avoid the game power-ups altogether. Survive without using speed-up chilli peppers and other power-ups and you'll get extra points.

App Tip Eight
Dossiers littered around the game world are filled with crucial information about upcoming enemies and abilities that you can unlock. Keep an eye out for them as they can really make a difference to your game.

App Tip Nine
The app is great as it has such an interactive environment. Play with everything in the app as you never know what could help you out. For example Fish,TV's and balls of yarn can be used to distract the enemy cats.

Spy Mouse one of the best stealth apps on Android and iOS. Hopefully these tips will make your Agent Squeak be more like Solid Snake than Mickey Mouse!

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