Wednesday 28 March 2012

Fresh Take on Android Word Games with Word Tower

Different and exciting Word Game for Android
Android is filled with crossword apps, word search app and other types of language driven gaming, Word Tower breaks the mold and is a really exciting new type of word game for your Android device. At first glance I thought this Word Tower game for Android was a Defense tower game. I was wrong. This app is a mixture of two classic app genres and a good twist on the classic and modern crosswords game. For those of you who love playing crosswords, this app is definitely worth taking a look at, and if you love a challenge and a fresh new type of game it should certainly be on your list of exciting Android games to download.  It's available for Android OS 2.1+. For a word game this application has some pretty nice and clean graphics that looks like very neat colored pencil writing on graph paper. Not your average doodle presentation. The responsiveness of the screen while playing works great as well. There are three difficulty levels with options to make it a little tougher in each level as well. Your towers comes from a box 3x3 on top of a 4x4 box on top of a 5x5 box all aligned to the left.A cool looking keyboard will pop up on the bottom of the screen for you to input your letters. Of course, a convenient delete button is also available for use. I've only played the Lite version and that's on easy mode, which is about the most I can probably handle. It even allows up to three levels of hints during the game if you're stuck. The first two taps on "hint" gives you a letter for that row per tap. The third hint gives you the word and you don't get points for that word. There is also a time limit option if you want to add to the challenge factor. A Statistics button in the main menu allows you to see which words you have used and how often you have used those words. I guess 6 letter words are too easy for true wordsmiths.
So if you're looking for a refreshing take on word games, fancy expanding you vocabulary and are just up for a good, fun challenge on your Android then give WORD TOWER a try.

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