Tuesday 27 March 2012

Playstation One Games for your Xperia Play

If you're an Xperia Play owner than it's a good chance that you're a fan of many PSONE games. And it's also a good chance that you're a bit of a game hoarder and might be sat on a pile of Playstation One Discs at home and wondering what to do with them. The genius at XDA Developer Forums have come up with a way for you to play your Playstation Discs on your Xperia Play Phone! No rooting required, no fancy machinery, just a quick and easy software download.

Just so we're clear here: Xperia Play Phone + Playstation One Discs + PSXPeria = Your Playsation One games being played on your Playstation Phone!
Here's the link to the forum thread fro XDA that explains how to get your Playstation games working on the Xperia Play:

And here's a list of the PSONE games that are comapatible with Xperia Play and PSXPeria:

Complete List of Playstation games that work on Xperia Play with PSXPeria and the apk's needed for extraction

Ace Combat 2


Alundra 2 - A New Legend BeginsSLUS-01017Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Arc the LadSLUS-01224Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.
Arc the Lad IISLUS-01252Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.

Breath of Fire IIISLUS-00422Crash Bandicoot USAPlaybleScreen blacks out on random frames during character movement. (Runs perfect with Software Rendering.)
Breath of Fire IVSLUS-01324Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering
Bushido Blade 2SLUS-00663Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Bust-A-GrooveSCUS-94263Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Bust-A-Groove 2SLUS-01159Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Buster Bros. CollectionSLUS-00208Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse Software Rendering. No Music. Slight graphical glitches.

Chrono TriggerSLUS-01363Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectAlso known as Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger
Clock TowerSLUS-00539Clock Tower USAPerfectPerfect enough to play worry free. Sound little lacks in some parts
Crash Bandicoot 2SCUS-94154Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash Bandicoot 3SCUS-94244Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash BashSCUS-94570Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Crash BashSCES-02834Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectI haven't tried SW rendering.
Crash Team RacingSCUS-94426Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableSome minor glitches in intro and menu. (Aku Aku's mouth doesn't move when talking. SAVE OFTEN! There is a bug that causes the memory card to go missing. Quit the game completely and reload last save to fix(adventure)).
Crash Team RacingSCES-02105Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableSome minor glitches in Adventure Mode (Aku Aku's mouth doesn't move when talking), same with SW rendering. I Haven't tested the game too much, maybe some issues could come out while playing it.
The Crow: City of AngelsSLES-00279Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
DiabloSLUS-00619Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Die Hard Trilogy 2SLES-02746Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Digimon World 3SLUS-01436Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectFMV's have some drops in fps.
Dino CrisisSLES-02210Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableWith HW rendering there are some errors during initial Developers FMVs, everything else seems OK. SW rendering solves FMV problems, but FMVs are slower than those in HW rendering and dialogues are cut. I suggest to use HW.

Disney's HerculesSCES-00891Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
DriverSLES-01816Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
DriverSLES-01977Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableLags just a bit in harsh situations with HW rendering, but it could be an original game flaw. Crashes @ "verifying Memory Cards" message on SW Rendering.
Echo NightSLUS-00820Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
EhrgeizSLES-02111Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableMusic is absent in FMVs and during the game, sound effects works. Working with HW rendering.
EinhänderSCUS-94243Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Fighting ForceSLUS-00433Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Fighting Force 2SLES-02237Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableAudio is completely messed up, video is fine. Crashes after 5 seconds of gameplay with SW rendering.

Final Fantasy VISLUS-00900Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering
Final Fantasy VIISCUS-94163Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering
Final Fantasy VIII (NTSC-U)SLUS-00892Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableArtifacts during transitions and battles, but flawless with SW hack and frameskip; No sound during cutscenes either way
Final Fantasy TacticsSCUS-94221Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Fire Pro Wrestling GSLPS-02065Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering to avoid minor graphical glitches.
G-Police - Weapons Of JusticeSCES-01920Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse HW renderer, crashes with SW. Major graphical glitches during gameplay, it's still playable with some will.
GexSLUS-00042Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering.
Gran TurismoSLES-02380Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectSo Addictive!
Gran TurismoSLES-02380Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectAnalog Works!
Gran TurismoSCES-00984Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableWith HW rendering analog Works, but music isn't played in options, during races, in arcade mode and language menu & cars lights doesn't work. With SW rendering cars lights work, but there aren't imporovements for the music.
Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode)SLUS-94488Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse Software Rendering. Broken if not used.

Grand Theft Auto 2SLES-01404Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Grand Theft Auto 2SLES-01404Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse HW rendering, crashes with SW. There's no music in the main menu, logos on the main menu are somewhat ruined and cars' radios are mute. Maybe the emulator doesn't support CDXA tracks? Everything else works good.
Gundam Battle AssaultSLUS-01226Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectVery slight graphical glitches.
Gundam Battle Assault 2SLUS-01418Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectVery slight graphical glitches.

Harvest Moon Back to NatureSLUS-01115Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Hogs of WarSLES-01041Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Hot Wheels: Extreme RacingSLUS-01293Crash Bandicoot EUPlayable

Hydro ThunderSLES-02337Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
In The HuntSLUS00172Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Intelligent QubeSLUS94181Crash Bandicoot USPerfect

Jade Cocoon: The Legend of TamamayuSLES-02201Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome corruption on videos. Use software rendering
Jumping Flash!SCUS-94103Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Jumping Flash! 2SCUS-94108Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering. Some slight graphical errors.
Kula WorldSCES-01000Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectI haven't tried SW rendering, the game runs flawlessly with HW rendering.
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteSLUS-00628Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Macross VF-X2 [NTSC-J]SLPS-02237Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectIntro and FMV's display glitches.
Mortal Kombat 4SLUS-00605Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
MegaMan 8SLUS-00453Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
Megaman LegendsSLES-01485Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableGraphical glitches causing a flickering screen, works perfect with SW Rendering
MegaMan Legends 2SLUS-01140Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X4SLUS-00561Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X5SLUS-01334Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
MegaMan X6SLUS-01395Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.

Metal Slug XSLUS-01212Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectTested with crash bandicoot 1.0.3 US, Android 2.3.4 UK Room, use software rendering, also takes time during loading screens.
Micro ManiacsSLES-01921Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Mr DrillerSLES-02771Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
NBA Extreme JamSLUS-00388Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome of the intro screens are messed up. Actual game play is flawless.

Need For Speed: Porche UnleashedSLUS-01104Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableMinor Glitches when going screen to screen
PaRappa The RapperSLPS-00743Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Persona 2 - Tsumi(Sin)SLPS-02100Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Pocket FighterSLES-00653Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableflickering screens during battles
Pong: The Next LevelSLUS-00889Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
PoyPoySLUS-00486Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
R-Type DeltaSLUS-00877Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
RaymanSLES-00049Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableExtremely slow in introduction. Once the game has started it runs fine.
RaystormSLUS-00482Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Resident Evil Director's Cut [Dual Shock Edition]SLUS-00747Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering. Can use hardware rendering with some graphic glitches
Resident Evil Director's CutSLES-00969Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectPerfect with HW rendering. Never tried SW rendering.
Resident Evil 2 (Disc 1)SLES-00972Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Ridge Racer 4SCES-01706Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Rival Schools United by Fate[Evolution Disc]SLUS-00771Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Samurai Deeper Kyo [NTSC-J]SLPS-03506Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableIntro and FMV's display glitches. Game works almost perfectly with some drops in fps during fights. Slow loadings.

Sheep Dog 'N' WolfSLES-02895Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Silent HillSLUS-00707Crash Bandicoot USPerfectTested with Crash Bandicoot 1.0.3 US, Android 2.3.4 UK Room, use software rendering.
Speedball 2100SLES-02782Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Spider - The Video GameSLUS-00230Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering.
Spyro 2: Ripto's RageSCUS-94425Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectNo more portal freeze/locks
Star Wars: Dark ForcesSLUS-00297Crash Bandicoot EUPerfectUse software rendering
Suikoden IISLUS-00958Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectUse software rendering
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden(eng)SLPS-03147Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectSome minor glitches during attack animations
Syphon Filter (ITA)SCES-01913Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectPerfect with HW rendering. Never tried SW rendering.
Tales of Destiny IISLUS-01355 (disc 1)
SLUS-01367 (disc 2)
SLUS-01368 (disc 3)
Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectAlso know as Tales of Eternia. SW-render value must be "true" to play it perfectly. If the value is "false", still playable but there are some glitches.
Tested in Android 2.3.3

Tekken 3SLUS-00402Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse hardware rendering for hi-res models and graphics. Minor graphic glitches in character selection screen. Press start to skip ending credits or else game will hang up.
Thrasher : Skate and DestroySLUS-00935Crash Bandicoot USAPerfectThe music of the first menu stops suddenly and starts again, but the game runs perfectly.

Tombi!SCES-01330Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Tomba!SCUS-94236Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Tomba! 2 - The Evil Swine ReturnsSCUS-94454Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Twisted Metal 2SCUS-94306Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Twisted Metal 4SCUS-94560Crash Bandicoot USAPlayableUse software rendering, unplayable using hardware rendering. Few graphic glitches. Loading bar loads backwards. Runs at normal speeds.
Twisted Metal: Small BrawlSCUS-94642Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect
Um Jammer LammySLES-01753Crash Bandicoot EUPlayablefew glitched screens but playable
Vagrant StorySLES-02754Crash Bandicoot EUPlayableSome video glitches. Use software Rendering
Warcraft II: The Dark SagaSLUS-00480Crash Bandicoot EUPerfect
Warpath Jurassic ParkSLUS-00976Crash Bandicoot USAPerfect

Wipeout 3


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