Wednesday 7 March 2012

Indie Game Development gets Serious

Xbox Live; Steam and iOS have changed the face of game development. In yesteryears top apps and games were strictly the remit of large game developers. Now the boundaries are levelled and any and everybody with a bit of technical expertise can become an app or game developer thanks to the new gaming markets realised by Apple ; Xbox (Microsoft) and the like. However it still takes passion, expertise and a certain sparkle to be a good game developer on a small budget. Gametrender has heard rumours of a small Indie Company that has these qualities in spades and has hunted down one of the developers behind the very progressive and serious indie game development studio " Pretty Weird Entertainment" to give an insiders scoop on an exciting Indie Project.

The team behind the indie game studio are set on releasing a title in summer 2013. What strikes us most about the devs is that they are backed up by some lofty ideals and expertise , that if translated into their game could give other quirky , but brilliant games, like SuperMeatBoy a very good run for their money.

What can we expect from Pretty Weird?
Take 4 player local co-op as found in hits like Castle Crashers, add a well designed and entertaining weapon system like that found in Cave Story, make the game a platformer based on the design principles of color theory and you just start to scratch the surface of what first Indie Title : SLUGGER  has to offer. The sparkling personalities behind the looming Indie hit want to make a game that is " fun to play, but is also fun to look at". Their promise to 'take weird to the next level' with "a fire spitting slug on a quest to save the Land of Underfoot" is a gaming promise that we sincerely wish to hold them to, as this Indie outfit looks to be ticking all the right boxes at the moment.
Gametrender is fortunate enough to have gained access to some exclusive gaming screenshots and concept art that we're proudly going to share with the gaming community, please add your comments and support to the Indie Hit SLUGGER and get ready for a promo title scheduled for release this May.
Indie Game Slugger conceptual art reveals some unique
ideas in character design

Indie Game Wallpaper from Slugger reveals Underfoot to be a game
realm of strange and unique possibilities


  1. Underfoot must have great and surreal graphics, if that screenshot is anything to go by. It looks exploratory in terms of visual graphics.

  2. The more I see of Pretty Weird's work the more I like. They've got a website up and running now, it's just bare bones but nevertheless worth checking out for the crazy conceptual art they have as the background-really creative and thoughtful stuff.

    1. I would have to agree, this site looks Pretty Weird, but if their intentions and designs are brought to fruition, we could be looking at the making of a truly great Indie Games Company. I can't wait for further developments. I hear they will have a presence at Pax 2012. Good luck and keep working hard.

  3. A big change in the gaming development industry - it will attract more players because it's new.


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