Monday 5 March 2012

Android Business App which massively increases WebTraffic

Android Business app to
increase website awareness
A so-called unacknowledged fact is that " Android business apps are better than the rest" . The web guru who decided that hadn't yet come across the bold web traffic Android app that is MyTrafficSolution . If he had he would have told all non-Android business app developers to just pack up and go home. This app is transformative and I'm just going to put myself out there a little bit and say that it could be one of the best apps for a blogger, network marketer or website owner to have.

I'm actually reluctant to write this review for two reasons. The first being that I sound like those much flogged internet pedlars that will sell you a product "guaranteed to increase your web-traffic a gazillion fold!" The second reason is that this is a fairly new business app just recently released on to the Android Market. Being a website owner myself I'm fairly reluctant to share the app as it really is starting to make a dramatic impact on my web traffic! Don't want to let the cat too much out of the bag on this hefty traffic increasing app, but it's Gametrender's job to tell you about the best new apps. So I suppose I'll have to....

The premise is simple, you have a website or blog or affiliate link that you want to drive masses of traffic to. You download MyTrafficSolution , choose which niche you want to target, for example: "Best free Android Apps" and you wait for thousands of eager people to start showing up on your websites doorstep.
MyTrafficSolution, top
Android business app

The internet magic takes place as the app has access to a massive domain of websites. If a visitor visits one of the websites that is now defunct, then they will be redirected via the Android app to you. If your site is in the same niche. The beauty of it is those visitors have actually searched for your particular niche, they're not automated traffic but actually real verifiable adult people. All eager to read what you have to say or buy what you have to sell , thanks to this extraordinary Android app for website owners and bloggers.

The app is even more intelligent than this as it links in to the acclaimed so can determine a site visitors geographic location. Not to mention that the app also features IP tracking that can show you the IP address of all your redirect visitors.

To sum up: This is a very, very serious and powerful app for making your site visitors skyrocket. This app could just be the catalyst that puts your blog or other website into the big time. 
MyTrafficSolution download for free from the Android Market


  1. Great article and great tip. I will try this out ASAP!

  2. Great app...this thing kicks butt

  3. This article has definitely enlightened me and raised my awareness of powerful android apps. I am currently working on two apps for and I hope ot get a little more traffic when it's all said and done. I hope many others read this powerful article.

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