Tuesday 20 March 2012

Majesty : The Fantasy Kingdom Hints ,Tips and Guide

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom tips and guide for a game that has just blown apart the RPG /Fantasy genre on Android. I'm loving Majesty so much that I just had to share some of what I've learned to help improve your playing of this legendary RPG sim like Kingdom Management extravaganza.

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Guide

Guide to Majesty TFK Game Characters

 Fighting Heroes
Warrior (created from the Warriors' Guild): the footsoldiers of your Majesty  army; tough and resilient and up for anything for the right amount of in game cash!

(build a Majesty Paladin by having a Warriors' Guild with a Temple of Agrella): they move faster, have a more powerful attack and explore almost as much as the RPG game's scouts; they are very robust but very expensive characters to have.

Wizard (you can find these dealers in magic in the  Wizards' Guild)
Like most Fantasy games the Wizards of Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom are the best damage dealers but need to be levelled up to deal huge amounts of damage. Only one hit at lower levels will kill them.

Wizards are crucial for many Majesty Missions  (including Dragon Hazard). Wizards are useless without the spells trained in the Library.
Harpies can not be harmed by magic in the Android Fantasy App and need to be avoided by Wizards . 

Different spells are learned at different levels. When the Wizard reaches the required level, he can use that spell.

Wizard Skills in Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom (Requires a level 1 Library):
Fire blast: Learned at level 3,  guarantees a kill on most enemies before they can hit him
Magic resistance: Very important against  Vampires' spells, but otherwise not very useful.
Teleport: Allows the Wizards of your Kingdom to get around really fast.

Wizards Skills (Requires a level 2 Library):
Meteorite storm: Learned at level 8, this skill allows wizards to destroy all enemies in a big area 
very quickly; meteors repeatedly land on a point causing widespread damage.
Fireball: Learned at level 5, casts a large sky borne ball of fire
Fire shield: Learned at level 2; increases the damage a wizard can take.

Making Wizards Live Longer
The Wizards of Majesty are quite weak when it comes to the amount of damage they can take, use these tips to help them live longer:

Building placement: 
Place the Wizard's guild away from the area the enemy tend to attack the most. The magic users need as much protection as possible so place guard towers and warrior guilds close to them.

Game saves: Save frequently on your Android device, keep the wizards effectively immortal by reloading a save when they die and the path they might tread the next time could lead to them surviving.

Invisibility: Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom game cheat: If a wizard's about to be attacked, make him Invisible manually! If a wizard dies a few seconds after a Game save, make him Invisible, and he won't die!

Cast invisibility  on enemy units to make their attacks stop.

Other Heroes
Tax collectors: Set the minimum amount of gold they take.Raise it later if income goes higher; this allows them to avoid dying on needless tax collections  for insignificant amounts of gold

(You need a Temple of Agrella for this unit): very good support units, although they tend to favour one unit at the expense of others.

Necromancer (You need to have the Temple of Crypta to get these units):They raise skeletons and zombies who can fight in place of your normal warriors(but these raised dead are normally quite fragile).

Ranger (trained at Ranger's guild): good for cheap and fast exploring early-game, but they die easily
Elf (trained at Elven Bungalow):More useful than a Ranger
Dwarf (trained at Dwarven Fortress): slow but very robust warriors.

Building Use in Majesty :Fantasy Kingdom
Guild use is self-explanatory.

Guard tower: Very useful for protecting your wizards.

Significantly and crucially increases your money and provides you with useful healing potions.

Elven bungalow: 
These double your income from all your buildings, with one of these and one level 3 Marketplace, you will rarely be out of money

Gnome hovel: 
Very cheap to start with and great for keeping other buildings, like the marketplace, in good repair.

Best Places to put Your Buildings
Building placement is one of the most important parts of the game
Warriors' Guilds Place these in the directions where enemies come from.

Wizards' Guilds Place away from dangerous areas.

Marketplaces should be placed beside one or more Warriors' Guilds (preferably one to the southwest or northeast, and another one to the northwest) , the Warriors will provide great protection for the market.

General Tips for Majesty :TFK

Game saves: Save often when your warriors and wizards are at the peak of their health and power

Invisibility: The most important skill in the game, this helps your heroes stay alive if you use it on a low-health hero. If you use it on an enemy, you can have a hero ignore that enemy.

Heal: Cast the Heal (the cross) spell to keep units alive and able to retreat if things are going wrong.

Explore flags: Often, multiple (2 or 3) Explore flags will attract more heroes than one expensive one.

Attack flags and flags in general: Don't set flags in different directions. First have one target direction flagged, and when the target is close to being achieved, set the flag in the other direction. Also, don't set too many flags or too high-valued flags, as that will draw all your heroes away from your base and leave it underdefended in some cases.

Look forward to trying all these game tips out on your Android Devices and please add any Majesty secrets and hints that you know in the comments/ Look forward to playing the Northern Expansion.


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