Tuesday 20 March 2012

Classic Bungie FPS now on Ipad and Iphone

Ipad HD  Classic FPS game for free, with
MasterChief debuting on iOS?
If you've always wanted your FPS gaming fix on Ipad with the likes off Doom and Quake then you'll be thrilled to hear that the Grandaddy of all First Person Shooters is now on Ipad and Iphone: Marathon has arrived.
So what will the flames of the legendary Tozt.25 Flame Unit look like on the new Ipad's retina display (at the moment the game doesn't seem to be optimised but it's just a matter of time, for the all time popular FPS), will the M.75 Assault Rifle with Grenade Option give us as much of a thrill on Iphone as the original Mac Classic did? I still remember playing Quake 2 on the Playstation and any hard core FP shooting game that can recapture the nostalgia and sheer gameplay high jinks of multiple rocket explosions and waves of rabid enemies has got to be a hit in my book. Fans of the original Marathon and it's Durandal sequel will be champing at the bit to get hold of the new updated versions of the classic Mac games for their iOS device. 
The Cyborg Marine starring shooter is sure to get new fans too , not only due to the fact that the original and best FPS is now a free Ipad and Iphone game download, but the updated Marathon has some slick HD graphics and possibly a first for Ipad a "Master Chief Mode" which is sure to contain some huge surprises! (Master Chief to debut in a FPS on Ipad HD?!) 

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