Monday 26 March 2012

Making a Name for yourself in the App Industry

The App industry is massive and many young guns who love technology and the cutting edge of entertainment try their utmost to get into the booming Smartphone application market.
Of course, as has been the case for a while, Apple and it's coveted Ipads and Iphones lead the way in the app industry. When the Iphone 4S was announced to the world last year the app generation had a new flagship to play with. One of Gametrender's much valued associates was there to see it all and his new book explores a very different way of making it big in the app and technology industry.

Rob Shoesmith has become a near legendary figure in certain technologically and app savvy areas of the UK , his new book shows a dream. A dream fired by a love of technology that fuels Rob's passion for what many regarded as a "barking mad " and "demented" project centred around Rob's bizarre social experiment that gained him fleeting fame, made him an inspirational figurehead for many and allowed his love of apps and Apple in particular to lead him from edge of breakdown obscurity, to becoming a serious player in the world of apps.

Anybody enthused by the groundbreaking and society changing developments that Smartphones and related gadgets are bringing to the world and anybody with any interest in making a niche for themselves on this wild roller coaster ride should regard Rob's new book as a must have. On another level the very human story of a man with a dream overcoming so many odds to rise to the top will make Rob Shoesmith's book a great read for , well for any person, young or old, a tech savant or computer illiterate that just enjoys a remarkable tale.

As soon as we have a link to the book we will post it here.


  1. Sounds like an inspiring story. Look forward to reading it.

  2. Thought he might go on about his App and the company that developed it but having seen a rough draft of the first chapter I couldn't have been more wrong. It comes across as an honest warts and all story and I can't wait to read the rest of the book.

    Rob inspired me to submit Apps to the same company because I knew that I couldn't afford to develop them myself, hopefully one day my ideas for Apps and puzzles will be available.

  3. I remember his app Problem Halved a few years ago

    Should be an interesting read.

  4. Debbie Harrison26 March 2012 at 19:24

    Do you know if it will be released in print or digital format?

  5. Looks like I wasn't far off the mark with Rob having a near legendary status in this crazy app world we inhabit! I came across Rob on Twitter a few months ago and have really enjoyed working with him to publicise a handful of apps, he's always there with great advice and a story to tell for everyone. Of course it's only when I went on his blog and actually read more about him that I realised that he is really an enigmatic and crazy character with a heart of gold. He doesn't spare anybodies feelings when telling his story, and I really think it's a story that deserves to be told. Anonymous as soon as I get a link to his book I'll post it up here, Debbie wait out on that as soon as I know I'll update this article. John I've read about Problem Halved and I think it's well nigh time I checked it out too! Ian: If/When you start to publish on the appstore I'll be quite happily to publicise your apps on Gametrender. Thanks everyone for your comments.


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