Tuesday 27 March 2012

Save the Moles , Whack a Lawyer with your iPhone instead!

There are some games that touchscreen phones just do so well, and quick action games are one of those games. With quick reactions and a hunger for scoring highly these type of games can quickly become a fulfilling obsession on your Iphone. Of course " Whack A Mole" games are a dime a dozen on iOS so it takes something really fine to make us jaded gamers sit up and take notice. Our latest find is one of these "Whacking Action Games"and is in a good cause too.
A good cause as it's not your average ground burrowing rodent that is being bopped on the head for no reason. No in this particular game the "moles" being whacked are of an altogether more deserving and slippery sort. As this frantic action app sees you " whacking" Lawyers instead! What species of nefarious pest could be more deserving!

The LAWYER WHACKER PRO app is,as expected, of a frantic pace , but employs multiple skill levels so all sorts of gamers can find entertainment and not frustration. Graphics on the retina display and Ipad version are slick and funny, drawn with a great sense of humour. The App sets itself above other " Whack a Mole" apps by having powerups (beware the mighty Gavel!) and good lawyers, who must not be whacked. The app is very score intensive  as you'd expect and integrates social network scoring in a great way, really encouraging you to work on your fast twitch reactions and whack every lawyer you can.
Download LAWYER WHACKER PRO from the appstore.

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  1. Something new and demanding is coming out for the lawyers, this game looks more promising for the people who loves to argue as this is a what a lawyer does. Instead of doing a real job playing this will be more fun.


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