Wednesday 28 March 2012

Simplifying RPG Tropes

A Love of RPG's
I love RPG type games and have spent thousands of hours of my life playing them. Somehow I managed to miss the Glories of FF VII and jumped on the bandwagon when FF XIII came along. So began my love of RPG's from JRPG's through to a brief stint on Everquest (MMORPG's are just far too time intensive though to keep up with a job and a family and living in the normal world!). Latterly Oblivion has been a favourite, a brief dalliance with Fallout ( I prefer the Fantasy Type of RPG so never really got into Fallout). Finally of course I like millions of others have fallen under the spell of Skyrim.
But I'm not here to write about my love of the RPG genre (although Infinity Blade 2 is really going to rock with the New Ipad's retina display!) Rather I'm here to complain as to how the genre has become stale. The tropes of RPG type games need to be simplified, I like finding and wielding new Skyrim Weapons as much as anyone else and finding in a dungeon chest sterling silver earrings that bestow massive hit points for my Skyrim Nord. But it's just become too much-there's just too many collectibles and I find myself rushing from chest to treasurechest, manically spamming the action key just to see what I can pick up. If I wanted a treasure hunt I'd have bought a Pirate collect 'em up or a scavenger hunter app! I want to fight Dragon's and not worry that I'm missing valuable pickups! It really has become an obsession in RPG's to find what can be picked up, and that I think is detracting from the games as a whole. Inventory management and stat manipulation in Skyrim are all well and fine, but not at the expense of immersivity.

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