Thursday 29 March 2012

How do you finish Tiny Tower?

Does Tiny Tower ever end?
I was warned before I began to play Tiny Tower that it was very addictive. I didn't realise how addictive until I found myself waking up in the morning and checking my Tower, if I woke up in the night ditto. And for frequent periods throughout the day. Does Tiny Tower ever finish? It seems not and building the tower has become an obsession, that's why the final thing I'm going to do before I delete Tiny Tower from my iPhone forever is share my experiences and how much/little I've achieved.
There I've just restocked my Tiny Tower shops for the last time and now very soon I'm going to send my Bitizens to their digital heaven where they can shop and work to their hearts content. As we speak the tower has 64 floors and 115 Bitizens, I've never paid real money to get Tower Bux and have always relied on making my Bitizens happy by placing them in their favoured jobs and doing the finding chores to get Tower Bux. My favourite Bitizen is Willie Fleming, who for reasons only known to himself,dresses as a ghost. Terry Burton , an old Bitizen with a blue moustache and an orange baseball cap was one of my originals and is also favoured. Overall I think my creative and service floors of my Tiny Tower have earned the most money, Food floors aren't really much of an earner. Probably the biggest earners in my Tiny Tower are the Architect Office and the Dentist. Even though I like Mexican Food in reality I just found the one in my tower a bane as initially the "Chips and Salsa" quickly sold out with I think a 6 minute turn around. I can't remember which Elevator I have , but it's gold and does 16 people a minute and cost me 125 Bux. I thought as a personal challenge I could buy the best Tiny Tower Elevator, but whe I paid 125 Bux for my latest the next one on offer was the Infini-Light Lightspeed Elevator which as it costs 499 Bux , would probably take me another 3 months of my life to get!
My only regret as I'm about to delete my Tower forever is that I never, despite having so many floors, got the right combination to complete any of the Tiny Tower Missions.

It's been fun , but has proved far too addictive and obsessive so here we go: The App icon is wobbling and has the "x" of deletion in  the top left corner and now the message "Delete Tiny Tower" has come up and pressing delete! Five star rating yes, certainly, but now to find a better use for my spare time and off to find a new app obsession!
If you ever dare pit yourself against Tiny Tower, then be sure to check out Gametrender's Tiny Tower Guide , remember it can be very addictive!


  1. Good! I really need to do this.. :/

    1. Addiction swapped for Ice Age Village and Tribez These app developers sure know how to make addictive games!

  2. Shit I just did it my tower was so high haha my life will really be different now..

  3. Do you remember Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater where on one of the levels Snake faces off against all the enemies he's killed in the game as their ghosts surround him? Hopefully our poor executed Bitizens won't do the same to us!


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