Saturday 31 March 2012

Unity free for beginner Android and iOS Developers

Now is the cheapest and easiest time to become an App developer. The renowned and easy programming SDK Unity is now free with the Unity Android and iOS Plugins also being free for a limited time (April 8th).

This is a truly amazing offer and one of the quickest ways that you could have of becoming an App Developer. Gametrender has predominantly concentrated on writing about others apps and games as we are completely clueless when it comes to programming. However the Free download of such an easy to use Software SDK might change this! We've gone through the process of downloading Unity now, and it has taken no more than five minutes from going to the game programming website to filling in the most basic of details to downloading Unity with the Android and iOS plugin.
Definitely amazing stuff, we've gone to a little effort to find some industry quotes about how easy Unity makes it to be an app developer: 
Quotes courtesy of the Unity Devs Forum:

  • Well Unity is not a piece of cake to learn but is a lot simpler that other game engines.

Unity Is a game engine, with Unity you can not create complex 3d models, just cubes, cylinders etc..
You will need a 3d software for your assets.(You can start with blender, it is open source)
Unity allows you 3 types of code Javascript,Boo and C#, I personally recommend you Javascript (it is a littlebit different from the web javascript so be careful)
  • In a lot of ways, Unity is very 'drag and drop' in the way it handles making a game, and it vastly simplifies many complex problems. You can drag models into a scene. You can drag behaviors onto those models. You can drag particle effects onto the screen. You can use a simple properties panel to modify aspects of the particles. You can paint scenery onto models
And what sort of Apps and games can you expect to make with Unity?
iOS Unity Games: Battle Bears; Bag It; Blood and Glory; Battle Heart;Castle Warriors
Android Unity games: Shadowgun; Samurai II :Vengeance; Muffin Knight; Jelly Defense
So let's get this right Unity SDK software which is renowned for ease of use and has already been used for making top Android and Iphone games is free for a limited time. Now is the best time to become an Android an iOS Dev.(Software is downloading as I speak-504Mb download-it really is that easy!)
Oh and when you create the next top iOS or Android game don't forget that Gametrender would love to hear about it. Get developing gamers!


  1. Unity is free and easy to use but the thing is has no dynamic shadows to which I was looking for since a long time. That was the excellent exclusion to be the best engine but unity fails in that.

  2. A free days to download Unity for free and with the iOS and Android plugin Brooklyn. I take it you're already a user, which SDK do you prefer?


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