Saturday 31 March 2012

Android App for Stock Market Trading

Android based
Correlation Trading
Stock Market trading apps can be of benefit to both "casual" traders and seasoned Wall Street Veterans. We've come across an Android stock market app that stands out from the pack of trading apps because of its very niche appeal. Correlation Trading is the backbone of the Android financials app simply entitled: Correlation Trading. Coming from the very appealingly named "Trade While You Golf" software studio.
Indeed the need for a Correlation Trading app on your Android Phone is something that we can imagine part time traders and those needing the extra leisure time away from the office using, who wouldn't want to make money from the Stock Market while enjoying a round of Golf!
Does the Correlation Trading app make trading away from Wall Street or The City possible?
Not being a trader I'm not going to be able to give a clarified opinion on that but will at least introduce those interested in a free Android stock market trading app on Google Play to the features of this very unique financials app:

Android App Resources for Traders

  1. The Android Financial App is based on the main indices of the US, Europe and Asian market indices
  2. The mathematics behind the trading app seem very comprehensive and well researched with financial variables such as the long/short position being influenced by a variable Open Close Range of a selected Trading Index
  3. Different parameters can be adjusted by the trader accordingly with a stop loss and profit take level open to adjustment
  4. The ability to close trades according to values the trader pre defines
As I've previously stated my Stock Market experience is limited , but from a virtual layman's perspective the Correlation Trading App does appear both comprehensive and well thought out. If you're in the business then a few minutes downloading Correlation Trading App from Google Play would be well worthwhile.

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