Friday 16 March 2012

Valor Guide,Tips and Walkthrough

Valor is one of the more popular MMORTS game on Iphone so we've researched the net to find Valor Hints and Tips for this Iphone RTS guide. Enjoy and may your Empire expand to fill the world!

Valor MMORTS Guide and Tips

Quests in Valor
Tests will be a good guide for players new to the RTS genre on Iphone, tasks help you to expand your Kingdom (which is the ultimate aim of Valor really!) and increase your strength so that you can take on other players.

General Hints for Valor
The quickest and eaiest valor army to build is a small army of 100 Lancers.
Use the lancers to  farm the Barbarian Cities and inactive players nearest to you. Farming with your army is the fastest way to gain resources.Once you've got a steady income you can research and train a few Knights, you can retire your Lancers and farm villages with your horses.

It's vital that you play everyday and don't become one of those inactive Valor Players getting farmed! Logging in everyday allows you to keep track of your build queues and gets you the amulet which is used for the "Wheel of Fortune" which in turn gets you vital game winning prizes.

Quickest ways to gain points in Valor App
The quickest way to gain points in the Valor Iphone app is to upgrade your City Hall. Troops do not reward points. Points are given based on the type of building and how developed that building is. The City Hall, Barracks, Stable and Resources are some of the highest point earning buildings in Valor.
City Hall upgrades are a good idea because they lower all build times, allowing you to quickly upgrade the buildings that you will need to be the best Valor Player. Crucial buildings in this RTS are the warehouse, farm, resources, wall. All buildings of course serve a purpose , but without these you won't get anywhere near the game success that you need. 

Finding and Joining Guilds in Valor
Search the Valor map region that you currently inhabit, and look for guilds that way.Message the guild leader so that you can be invited to join that Valor Guild. Remember to be loyal to your guild and be a good sport when it comes to supporting your fellow guild members.

How to conquer a City in the Valor App
In order to conquer a city in Valor you will firstly need to build an academy. You can build an Academy in Valor by upgrading your city hall to 25, the forge to 20, and the barracks to 15. After that use your resources to purchase scholarships which in turn are used to educate your scholars. Now you need to lower another cities loyalty by sending a scholar to attack it, this will lower its loyalty by 20-30. However the scholar must survive the attack. Eventually after a few attacks the loyalty will drop to zero. Congratulations you've now expanded your fiefdom to include another city!
How Long will Cities in Valor be in Chaos For?
Forty moves when they can't be replenished or recieve support.

How to change your name in Valor
Simply by using the CityHall

Gaining Kill Score Points
Quite simply by killing troops, barbarians don't add to your kill score.

Why is Population Important in Valor
Farms are crucial in this app as they will increase the population in your city, up to a  maximum level of  30 (23778 people). Buildings and the army both use up population, if you have no more population you won't be able to build any more buildings and your city will stagnate.
Different type of soldier cost different head count.
All foot soldiers 1 unit= 1 head.
Scout 1 unit= 2 head, Knight 1 unit = 3 heads, Guardian 1 unit = 4 heads.
Ram 1unit=4 heads, Ballista 1unit = 6 heads.


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