Saturday 17 March 2012

Infinity Blade Guide: Beat the Deathless Kings!

Infinity Blade is still a favourite Iphone game and even more so now that rumours abound of an HD remake of Infinity Blade for the new Ipad 3 (?) In this short guide we'll give you advice about how to beat the Deathless Kings in the Original Infinity Blade. If you're a seasoned iOS Adventure game player you should have no problems, but if you're new to the game then this Infinity Blade Enemy Guide should be of use.

Beating The Deathless Kings  of Top Ios Adventure Infinity Blade

The God King   

Unlocks: The Infinity Blade

Level: 50*(x+1), where x=times defeated

Tips for beating him: Sometimes he is to quick to only use dodge, so
use a dodge-shield-dodge in order to get the dodge break you
need. Also, go into the battle with a Super, and use it right away.
Then, over the course of the battle, he will charge it up and you can use
it again to finish him off.

If you lose and you want another chance to fight him, you must QUICKLY press
the home button on your iPhone and manually exit the program. Reopen the game and you'll
be back facing the God King straight away.

Drops: Dragoor Scale
Unlocks: Dragoor Scale

Level: 150

Tips for beating him: This guy is quick, but the lowest level of the lot
at 150. Use your shield and supers a lot and have the Infinity Blade equipped and you should have no problem.

Drops: Dragoor Bone
Unlocks: Dragoor Bone
Level: 200
Tips for beating him: If you are having trouble, level up to about 55 or so,
and redistribute your stats so you have lots of attack and lots of health. 
After that, it's just a matter of memorizing his patterns and abusing combos.

Drops: Dragoor Blade
Unlocks: Dragoor Blade
Level: 250

Tips for beating him:A quick and easy strategy for beating this Infinity Blade Boss:
After you've beaten Gortoel and have the Dragoor Bone equipped as your
shield.Reassign your character stats so that about 1/4 go to shield
and 3/4 go to attack or health. Then, just 
hide behind your shield for the whole battle, and only come out and 
attack for shield breaks. The Dragoor Bone will protect you from
everything. It's suggested to us The Infinity Blade as your weapon of choice as it has the 
highest power.

Mech Zero        
Unlocks: Obsidian, X-SC2, Tempest, Omega Armor XOS-7, Fusion Helmet, The Cog

Level: 300

Tips for beating him: Play through several bloodlines until you find a version of Mech Zero that is weak against Fire (his resistances change 
every time). 

If he isn't resistant to fire, lose to him on purpose and make your way back
to him. 

Equip the Dragoor Blade (which deals a ton of fire damage) and let loose.
Also, if he ever backs way up to attack, praise the God King, because you will
probably get a free stab. Dodge his inital charge, and madly tap his center
of mass for the free stab. I won this battle on stabs alone.

If you lose and you want another chance to fight him, you must QUICKLY press
the home button on your iPhone and manually exit the program.Start the game and you'll again and you'll be back in front of this tough Infinity Blade Boss.

Mech Zero Part II:

Original Ancestor
Level:Matches  Your Own
Tips for beating him:An easier version of the God King, just go wild and use your shield loads. If you have a Super the battle is pretty 
much over as long as you have plenty of attack power.

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