Sunday 11 March 2012

What is Google Play?

Google's Market Android content was spread out, to say the least. Google Play has replaced the Android Market and a massive effort has been made by the mountain view company to unify its digital media services.  Google Play, a service that combines Google Music, Books, Movies, and Apps into one entertainment hub, is the new Android Market. This will have significant impact on how you buy and store your Android Smartphone Apps and other content

1. So what exactly is Google Play?
Google Music, Google eBookstore, and the Android Market have been joined to form Google Play. So all your smartphone, tablet and PC content such as music, movies, books, and apps will be bought from, and theoretically phone memory will become less as of an issue as this media will be  stored in the Google cloud. There will also be more synchronisation between your  Android phone or tablet using the various Google Play apps .
Web and mobile content will stay synced. So, when you purchase an apps and other media on the Play Web site, that content becomes instantly available on your Android phone (and/or tablet). You won't just be limited to using your Android Tablet to view content as  if you rent a movie on your Android tablet, it becomes available for viewing on your desktop, too.
And best of all it's all stored in the cloud so large memory is not needed for all the great content on the Play Store, really the equivalent of iCloud for Android.

2. Google Play is online, and will be in forthcoming updates for your Android Device.
The Play Store is already live at .Search for the Android Store,  and you'll be redirected to the Play Store.
On your Android device, you'll get four app updates within the next few days:
  • The Android Market will become "Play Store."
  • Google Music will become "Play Music."
  • Google Movies will become "Play Movies."
  • eBookstore will become "Play Books."
If you're that excited about the Play Store then just update and your phone manually for instant access.
3. Does Google Play allow you to store your own movies and music?
Up to 20,000 songs can be stored on the unchanged Google Music Service.It's name has changed to Play Music. Any music you already purchased or uploaded is still available, and you can continue uploading your tunes at the same address:, or with the useful Android music app, Play Music.
However Play Movies still remains a Blockbuster type service with movie rentals and not storage.
4. Can Iphone owners use Google Play.
 Every Google user can use the service to take advantage of cloud-based content management. So, you can rent a movie, upload and purchase music, and buy books on one computer, and access it all on any other desktop. Whether this means a future update to access Google Play straight from your iOS device is perhaps likely in a future update.

5. Will Google Play's cloud-based format cost me a fortune in data charges?
Not if you're sensible.All your media is stored in the Google cloud, any of it is available for offline playback. That includes books, music, and rented movies. Of course, the amount of content you can store offline, or "cache," will be limited to your device's storage capacity. So use your Wi-Fi if you're going to download from Google Play for later app use, movie viewing etc.
 Google+ integration in Google Play
In Google's own words:  "You can easily share posts about your favorite books, music, movies, games, or apps to your Circles on Google+, e-mail, or text message in a single click."

For now we hope that answers your questions about where the Android market has gone and what to expect from Google Play

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