Sunday 11 March 2012

Best Doodle Game for Free :Doodle Fire

Top Doodle Game for Ipad and
other  iDevices
Touted by many as a " best up and coming iphone game" be a Doodle Fire -Fighter with free app Doodle Fire and prepare to be hilariously moved as the reflex game takes fun to the next level.

We've noticed a trend with up and coming apps tipped for greatness, aside from the quality that can be expected from them they have an enormous amount of love and attention lavished on them by their developers. Doodle Fire has been climbing its way up the charts and will do so even more now that the developer has taken the time and pain staking effort to add new features as requested by the Doodle game's players.

If you're new to Doodle Fire expect a doodle game that really takes the concept to the next level.  Use your iPhone /Ipad to be a fireman and save all sorts of imaginative characters from burning buildings. Graphics really show off the retina display and are hilarious and well drawn. The sound effects in particular are superb and really make this into a fun and funny game at the same time.

Doodle Fire is fun and hilarious
If you've come across the reflex driven game before you know what to expect with burning buildings and flying debris and jumpers falling out of the sky. What really shows the app developer's commitment though, is that even if you are a seasoned Doodle Fire fan you can get even more fun from the app with it's latest updates. Each of the 6 stages and 30 levels will stay unlocked when you complete them now. You can still game hard to get the powerups , including the coveted armoured Fireman, but now thanks to the doodle game integrating game centre you can aspire to get more app achievements and also 20 new app objectives. This app lavishment just shows an app that will keep on giving on so many levels. Fun, easy to play, good to look at and now with a lot more addictiveness.


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